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The Homosexuality Question, Part II: Jesus DID Say Something

“This is pretty much everything the bible has to say about gay stuff…” is how I started the last paragraph of part I, but that’s a little bit disingenuous. There are other passages within the bible that are of interest … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad’s Perspective on the Hate Note Writing Father

Dads writing notes have hit the blogsphere lately.  Two of them, one horrific and one good, have gone viral.  I am not going to belabor their history, but assume that if you are reading this, you are already well aware. … Continue reading

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The Homosexuality Question, Answered: Not A Sin

“God DOES state that homosexuality is DETESTABLE” I read those words today on my computer screen within a comment that mostly centered on talking up how loving the commenter actually was. “It’s not ME who hates fags, it’s GOD!” so, … Continue reading

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