That’s My Family, Man

My brother and his husband live in San Francisco. A few years ago, my 7 year-old-daughter went with her class on a trip to the deYoung Museum. Going to the big city without me or my wife, I was concerned for her safety. What if she got separated from her class? I sent her with a little cash and my brother and his husband’s phone number.Image

I called my bro and gave him a heads up that she would be in town. I didn’t expect there to be any problem, but I wanted to be prepared. My brother was now on alert, though actually his husband would respond if necessary, as he was working from home.

Her trip went absolutely smoothly. She was never separated from her class, and she came home happy and tired after an adventurous day. I was being an overprotective and paranoid dad, again.

But calling my brother and having him and his husband on standby had given me peace of mind. I had even run the scenario in my mind of my daughter being alone in the museum, calling her uncle, and waiting in the museum restaurant eating the food my cash had purchased her. I pictured the moment when my brother-in-law showed up: the hugs, the feeling of safety she would enjoy.

Sending my little girl off to the city, I wanted family as backup. I wanted someone who would bend over backwards and take a bullet for her if necessary.

There are those who would say that he isn’t my brother-in-law, that his union with my brother is not valid, that he is not my family. To those people I simply say, you don’t get it.

My brother and his husband are joined by love. That love extends beyond the edges of their relationship to include me and my wife and kids. My brother-in-law was willing to step up if his niece needed him, because she is his family and he loves her. My daughter, had the situation arisen, would have been overjoyed to see him, because he is her family and she loves him.

I understand that some people have deeply held beliefs that might cause them to see same-sex marriage as invalid. If you hold such beliefs and would like to discuss them with me and explain where you are coming from, I encourage you to do so, but I promise that I will challenge you and the conversation will likely go places that you find uncomfortable. If you feel the need to tell me, or my brother, or any other member of my family that my brother’s marriage is invalid, I encourage you to fuck off.

That’s my family, man, don’t mess.

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Husband. Father. Son. Brother. Uncle. Nurse. Aspiring Kung Fu Fighter.
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8 Responses to That’s My Family, Man

  1. Thank you for “getting it” dear dear sir!! Much love to you and yours!!!

  2. tracey blake says:

    you are soooo ace x keep up these posts they are much needed education for fuckwits, one day some of them will get it! I especially love your poetic turn of phrase when you say ‘I encourage you to fk off’ much love to you and yours xx

  3. kateinmt says:

    Family love is like a warm blanket on a cold night. I’m glad you have that blanket. 🙂

  4. Thanks for another inspirational story. Your family ROCKS!

  5. robw77 says:

    Bravo David! You have the brothering attitude that so many LGBT folk wish they had. Another beautiful heart piece!

  6. “There are those who would say that he isn’t my brother-in-law, that his union with my brother is not valid, that he is not my family. To those people I simply say, you don’t get it.”

    The people that don’t get it live in a narrow little band of life, concrete-ized by a theology that they want to push onto other people. Sad and ignorant. To me, it sounds like your daughter was well taken care of. I appreciate how you advocate for diversity and for love, because at the end of the day this is about a loving family and that’s what really matters. Any marriage born of “love” gets my support! Big hugs.

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