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She May Be a Trans Hero, But Don’t be Caught on an Ill-Fated Cruise Ship With Her – Here’s Why

“Me give up the last seat on the last lifeboat? F that!”                                                      The life … Continue reading

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Killing Transphobia With His Song

He’s just a little country and kind of a little different; meet Jaimie Wilson who’s strumming his way to success Guest Post by Brody Levesque For twenty-one year old Jaimie Wilson, nothing beats the feeling of rambling along in his … Continue reading

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A Gay Man’s Journey to Reclaim Life After Domestic Violence

(Kristopher Sharp, age 27, stares out of a window in Tulum, Mexico on April 1, 2017.) Guest post by Kristopher Sharp I want to begin with a confession: I almost lost myself in the struggle. It’s often said that time is … Continue reading

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A Transgender Man’s Personal Day of Remembrance and Vision for the Path Ahead

Guest blog by Lex Beatty It’s 2am. I’m leaning against a parking meter on a grungy, half lit street outside of a night club in San Francisco. The air around me is electric. I open one bleary eye to see … Continue reading

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A Gay Man Searches for the Dad He Lost to Homophobia

A post by guest blogger Hart Reiniger My dad grew up in an isolated, rural community on the high plains, the eldest of six. His own father was absent for the first two years of his life, off in Belgium and … Continue reading

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A Mom’s Perspective is Profoundly Changed by Amazing Closure With the Bully of Her Past

Guest blog by Mindy Forsythe, author of  How My Eleven Year Old Son Taught Me That Having a Gay Character in ‘Train Your Dragon’ is Important “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me”, so I … Continue reading

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Thank You Eva Marie Saint for Teaching Me Pride, Long Before There Was a Parade

Guest blog by Dana StarSong Sullivan, with Rob Watson I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s.  There was no such thing as an LGBT Pride parade, there were no festivals, no parties.  It could be argued that there was … Continue reading

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