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Still a mom, still a wife, animal lover, fighter for equality, but now a graduate!! On to the next phase......

Pray that it’s enough for now.

I haven’t written anything for quite some time, but today I felt an overwhelming need to say, “I think I can understand and appreciate what you’ve gone through”. I needed to say how I am in awe and inspired. How, … Continue reading

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I’m So Angry I Could Spit Nails!

Why am I so angry at a time when so many are mourning? Well, I too am broken; there is an ache on my heart from the unexplainable, unthinkable horror perpetrated upon Newtown, CT that has left a mark that … Continue reading

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Good Christians and strange fruit

I went back to college this year. That is both good and bad. It’s good because I love to learn and my classes are great, even my math class is better than I expected. It’s bad because I have a … Continue reading

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Common Sense…..Not so common

We all know what common sense is, but how many of us actually has it? I heard all kinds of things referring to common sense when I was a kid….. You either have it or you don’t- Sense enough to … Continue reading

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I Don’t Necessarily Agree

That phrase…” I don’t necessarily agree with the gay “lifestyle” but I don’t condemn it either. I love all of my gay friends just like I love my straight friends.” Something about this bothers me…. as a mom, as a … Continue reading

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In The Time It Takes

In the time it takes….. To tell a lie In the time it takes….. One heart will break In the time it takes….. To cause an unbearable ache In the time it takes…… A thousand melted snowflakes In the time … Continue reading

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