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A Gay Dad Proposes a Plan Against Bullying: The Rainbow Berets

There have been times of war when conventional forces were not enough.  Situations were too complicated and too tenuous in a fragile balance.  It was in these moments, that a special force was sent in to perform functions that emphasized … Continue reading

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Civil Unions Not Equal

Good Signs Sunday This was inspired by the question from Rita Mayfield (Illinois House Democrat) “I’m still not clear on why they feel the need for marriage when you’ve got civil unions.” Here’s your answer Rita. All Good Signs Sunday … Continue reading

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The Waste of Time Named Ann Coulter

The Waste of Time named Ann Coulter

From a blog piece on the Huffington Post

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The Abuse Stops Here! The Ryan Kendall Story

Ryan Kendall tells about the suffering he endured after years of reparative therapy. “This psychological abuse nearly destroyed my life, and for me, it resulted in drug abuse, homelessness, and thoughts of suicide that lasted a decade.” Please take a … Continue reading

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I Thank You for Changing My Life

by Ono Kono Two decades ago, I was unaware of the struggle of LGBT people. Back then, I was a busy working Mom, juggling career and family. I cared about others, but I was asleep when it came to their … Continue reading

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There’s a New Bully in Town: Gagnon and the RHN, Driving Christ Out of Hearts Near You

Credit to Canyon Walker Connections for the heads up on this… Exodus International was just not hateful enough for them.  Once that organization gave hint to the fact that, no, it seems gay people do not change and they ARE actually “born … Continue reading

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Hate Is a Learned Behavior

Good Signs Sunday   All Good Signs Sunday graphics are free to pass around, or post on your web site or blog. Image by Ono Kono

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