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Why this question, MoveOn?

Today was the first time I’ve been asked by MoveOn.org for my thoughts on whether they should send this petition to its members. I thought it was a strange one to ask and with no explanation about why, it made … Continue reading

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Building Bridges

Someone mentioned the idea that gays need to understand and accept the beliefs of Fundamentalist Christians that are against homosexuals. In doing so, that would help build the bridge between the two groups. I am all for building bridges; however, … Continue reading

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The Night a Son Told His Gay Dad That He Wanted to Become a Boy Scout

I really don’t know why I can’t seem to see these things coming.  I blog about them.  I write about prejudices, I have argued with countless anti-gay people, and I have diligently parented to the best of my ability.  And … Continue reading

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The Waste of Time Named Ann Coulter

The Waste of Time named Ann Coulter

From a blog piece on the Huffington Post

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There’s a New Bully in Town: Gagnon and the RHN, Driving Christ Out of Hearts Near You

Credit to Canyon Walker Connections for the heads up on this… Exodus International was just not hateful enough for them.  Once that organization gave hint to the fact that, no, it seems gay people do not change and they ARE actually “born … Continue reading

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