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4 Reasons Why Pro-Choice Policies Save More Babies Than Pro-Life

Surprised? So was I when I found all this stuff out. Take a look at how and why this is true: 4. The legality and availability of abortion does not change abortion rates. According to international data, South America and … Continue reading

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The Secret Marriage

“The Secret Marriage” words and music by Sting, adapted from a melody by Hanns Eisler No earthly church has ever blessed our union No state has ever granted us permission No family bond has ever made us two No company … Continue reading

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The Homosexuality Question, Part III: Pro-Marriage Equality…Because the Bible Tells Me So?

All six of the passages of the Bible that address gay and lesbian behavior were shortly rebutted in my first blog post. I do hope that those who would like to know more check out the video link to a … Continue reading

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The Homosexuality Question, Part II: Jesus DID Say Something

“This is pretty much everything the bible has to say about gay stuff…” is how I started the last paragraph of part I, but that’s a little bit disingenuous. There are other passages within the bible that are of interest … Continue reading

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The Homosexuality Question, Answered: Not A Sin

“God DOES state that homosexuality is DETESTABLE” I read those words today on my computer screen within a comment that mostly centered on talking up how loving the commenter actually was. “It’s not ME who hates fags, it’s GOD!” so, … Continue reading

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