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I am an outspoken straight ally and feminist Christian. I also speak out against the abuses of churches and religions.

The plight of refugee children: deplorable facilities in the U.S.

While our government engages in political squabbles, we throw the most vulnerable children into dangerous facilities. Continue reading

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A year later, and we’re still monsters

I am sitting here inundated by a tsunami of tears. Last night I spoke to my friend Suzanne about the children, and I couldn’t stop shaking. I came home and watched Rachel Maddow reduced to tears and I cried uncontrollably. I made the mistake of opening Twitter this morning and was inundated with messages about the abuse our country is perpetrating on innocent children. I let that sink in. OUR COUNTRY. We are a country of monsters. If we do that to innocent children, we are capable of further monstrous acts. Continue reading

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Thank You for Changing My Life

Originally posted on evoL =:
by Ono Kono Two decades ago, I was unaware of the struggle of LGBT people. Back then, I was a busy working Mom, juggling career and family. I cared about others, but I was asleep when…

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12 June: a vigil in Astoria

I reblogged this on evol=, to balance my bloody thoughts. Thank you for this beautiful blog tribute.

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Until Gun Laws Change, Make Them See

Their big guns say … after all it’s just another blood-spattered day. Continue reading

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Dear Congress, thirty thousand plus and rising

Dear Congress, Thirty thousand plus and rising. How many more will lose their lives? What is the magic number? When do you stop craving their gun money? 14 dead, 22 wounded in San Bernardino, California I want to know, how … Continue reading

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Orlando you have my heart

I constantly worry for the safety of my girls (my daughter and her partner). They are publicly open about their relationship — I fear it puts them in danger, even in Seattle. Yesterday’s events reminded me again that this world is not safe for my precious ones. Continue reading

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Freedom Reigns Over Hate

Let’s pause to celebrate another victory, where human rights wins over hate. Scott Lively’s race to spread hatred around the world has been stopped in Uganda! Let freedom reign high, but the vigilance to keep hatred from ruling and ruining … Continue reading

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If God Would Write

After reading a letter from Pastor Philip Hoppe and St. Paul’s Lutheran Congregation to one of their members named Scott, I wondered how God would write a letter to them about their sins. Here’s what came to me. First the … Continue reading

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Box of Inequality

Good Signs Sunday Take away the ego and the want to be correct, the desire to keep a group of people locked in a box of inequality disappears.

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