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Freedom Reigns Over Hate

Let’s pause to celebrate another victory, where human rights wins over hate. Scott Lively’s race to spread hatred around the world has been stopped in Uganda! Let freedom reign high, but the vigilance to keep hatred from ruling and ruining … Continue reading

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“Love the Sinner”…um….Yeah, Don’t Give Me That Crap

Special Guest Blog by Ken Jansen “I love the color red..but I kinda hate the reddish tint.” Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Not a lot of sense in that phrase. Same goes for another one, that we hear a lot. “Love … Continue reading

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The Eight Reasons Why November 6th 2012 Was the Most Significant Day in the History of LGBT Rights Since Stonewall

Early in the morning of June 28, 1969, an event took place in New York City that transformed, no, actually gave birth to, the LGBT civil rights movement.  Police raided the Stonewall Inn, as had been their habit to do, … Continue reading

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A Gay Family in a Small Town in Kansas

Guest Blog by  Wendylynn and Stephan Note from Rob Watson at evoL= :   This is a guest blog by Wendy Lynn and her son Stephan.  They are heroes of mine.  We all are fighting a battle for equality, family and … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on The Ten Biggest Indecencies Thrust On Gay People

Today a blog piece by Kergan Edwards-Stout went viral.  It was a very simple but direct statement actually:  If you plan to vote for Romney and rob gay people of rights and dignity, de-friend me.  Like me, Kergan is a … Continue reading

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A Religious Challenge!

Good Signs Sunday All Good Signs Sunday graphics are free to pass around, or post on your web site or blog. Image by Ono Kono

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