They Walk Among Us

They walk amongst us.Homosexuality crosses all barriers. Gay and lesbian people are found in all religions, all countries, all skin colors and nationalities.  It is part of all people, all cultures.  I listened to a bit of a sermon by a preacher whose name I cannot (and would prefer not to) recall, and his idea was to take all the gay men and lock them in a electrified fenced area, and take all the gay women and lock them in a separate electrified fenced area.  Give them food, of course, he said, he wouldn’t want to be cruel. Right.  But his thought process was that soon they would all die off, because they couldn’t reproduce, and that would be the way to get rid of all of the homosexuals.  Is this man really so dense that he doesn’t realize that homosexuals are being born FROM heterosexual couples, all over the world, EVERY single day?

Being gay is not some new trend. It’s not some cult trying to entice the youth to bring in more members.  It is born into a person, just like heterosexuality (or bi-sexuality). Homosexuality has been documented in history for thousands of years.  And it has not always been considered the horror that it is touted to be in this day and age.  A gay man or lesbian woman is no different than anyone else other than who they are attracted to, who they fall in love with, and who they may, one way or another, have a family with.  Falling in love, and being in love and committing yourself in love to another person, is a wonderful and joyous thing, it is not evil or sinful.

I have a hard time understanding the anti-gay stance.  Even if it is your belief that it is a sin, I don’t get how angry and upset people get about the thought of someone being gay.  Those same people who believe it to be a sin based on their religion, sin every day.  In fact, by their own beliefs, they sin by judging gays for being sinners, because judgment is God’s job.  Does it stem from people’s desire to point out what someone else is doing “wrong” so that they can feel superior?  I get it that being gay doesn’t feel right for THEM, but there are many things born into one person that are not born into another.  Some people are tall, some are short, some love coconut, while some (such as myself) hate it.  Some people have beautiful voices, and some can’t sing to save their lives.  We are all different, but that doesn’t make any of us wrong because of those differences.

What I really don’t get is, why the big hubbub about gays when there are so many actual truly horrific travesties being committed in the world every day?  What is the intensity all about?  We are talking about two consenting people loving one another.  There is no-one being harmed, but instead, there are people being loved and cared about.  These fellow human beings are part of our everyday lives and are really no different than you and I.

They are co-workers who lighten our load on the job, our clergy who speak to us about the importance of following the advice of Jesus to love one another.  Some are police and fire fighters who risk their lives to serve and protect us and our loved ones.  They are our neighbors who bring over chicken soup when we are sick, and watch our house while we’re away.  That adorable paper boy who is so sweet and thoughtful, or the helpful grocery store clerk, either or both could be gay.  We all interact with them daily as our teachers, lawyers, artists, engineers, writers, doctors, and military soldiers .  They are our sisters, our brothers, our uncles & aunts.  They are Moms and Dads who love their kids.  They help out at PTA, get immunizations for their children, volunteer at the food bank, and pay their taxes.  These are our fellow human beings.  They have the desire to love and be loved just like everyone else.  And that is a good thing.

I am deeply saddened about a young woman I know who is being condemned and disowned by her family because she has come out as a lesbian.  She is a wonderful unique soul, an accomplished musician, an excellent student, a dedicated life guard.  She has been a kind and loving girl her entire life, a deeply committed Christian, and now that her family has learned this about her, they are behaving as if she is someone completely different.  Having four children of my own, I cannot imagine ever turning away from them in this manner.  It is unthinkable.  I worry about this young woman, and the toll this is taking on her.  I know of too many gay youths who have committed suicide in the face of this kind of turmoil.

Love and acceptance of fellow human beings is what being human is all about.

I will close with a quote from Vietnam Veteran, Leonard Matlovich, who was awarded a Purple Heart for valor in the Vietnam War, by the Air Force.  Then it was discovered he was gay. Mr. Matlovich said, “When I was in the military they gave me a medal for killing two men, and a discharge for loving one”.

I cannot see the logic in this.  Can anyone else?

About apeene

As a person who loves deeply, my calling is to stand up for those in need. I cannot imagine being told that I could not be with, love and marry the person I fell in love with.
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10 Responses to They Walk Among Us

  1. Patti says:

    I forgot to mention I’m gay and my father who passed now was a Southern Baptist minister. My mother still calls “us” queers. She still doesn’t know about me.

  2. Patti says:

    Has a straight person ever been asked when they made the choice to be straight? It’s not a choice.

  3. greg says:

    Most people who oppose the gay “lifestyle” believe that it is a choice. They cannot fathom the concept that gays come from all kinds of heterosexual families. It becomes easier to blame gays for recruiting than face the fact that their child is gay. The only choice involved is to live your life as the truth …… or live your life, every day, as a lie.

  4. Holli says:

    I agree…what a powerful quote at the end of your essay (and a scary idea in the beginning). Thank you for this inspiring essay.

  5. Tammy says:

    Wonderful points and thank you so much for speaking out for us! You are truly appreciated!

  6. Amy Galles says:

    perhaps we should lock all the straight males in an electrified fenced in area.. and all the straight women in an electrified fenced in area.. and since they can’t get to each other they can’t reproduce and they’ll die off, so clearly heterosexuality is wrong! In the mean time, Wal-Mart will sell out of turkey basters and the gay men and women in the world will have figured things out for themselves.

    • apeene says:

      Than you for posting a comment, Amy. I am confused though, I am not certain if you are in support of my article or against it. When you say “the gay men and women in the world will have figured things out for themselves”, what does that mean?

  7. Ono Kono says:

    Its hard to see the logic in any of this; however, when a person is raised to believe a certain way, it is almost impossible to get them to understand the other side of the coin. Love is what Jesus commanded us to do, the two most important commandments he gave.

  8. kzottarelli says:

    Beautiful…and the quote at the end really brings the point home. How and when did we ever get to a point in our world where love is ever wrong?

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