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Desiderata for the Bullied

Yesterday I made an “It Gets Better Video” for the large company at which I work.  Another friend and I got the project going several months ago, which culminated in our video shoot yesterday.  We looked for others in our … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Heterosexual Family and Friends on National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day.  I know this does not mean a lot to most of you, nor should it. You have been able to take for granted that you could be who you are, and you have been … Continue reading

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Cruel Does Not Equal Cool. (What those tempted to bully should know)

Cruel does not equal Cool.   (What those tempted to bully should know)

This is the mantra of the Rainbow Berets. To join the Rainbow Beret team, click the photo and like the Rainbow Beret Facebook page. Declare yourself to be an ally to the bullied, and an advocate against bullying. Talk to others in your community about doing the same. Full article is here: https://evolequals.com/2012/09/30/a-gay-dad-proposes-a-plan-against-bullying-the-rainbow-berets/

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on Hysterical Clerics about Same Sex Marriage

I should not be surprised.  The Catholic Church has, in the past, defined gay people as “intrinsically disordered” and parents like myself as “doing violence” to our children for providing them love and a home. So why does Seattle archbishop … Continue reading

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Celebrating My Allies

Celebrating My Allies

LGBT people are in the minority. We always will be. Our allies are the only reason we make progress, they are our life blood. What we are given, we deserve… make no mistake about it. But I am grateful for those who step up to do the right thing when they could as easily step over us and keep on going. This poem is for the special ones in my life…and the special ones in yours.

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on Linda Harvey’s Propaganda Pamphlet for Kids

“No, no, no…. Not on my watch…” That was my response when I saw that Linda Harvey, with her band of flying monkeys known as Mission America, was sweeping down from her broomstick to playgrounds near you, distributing her anti-gay … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Remembers: My Journey Through the Dark Shadows

The behavior of bullies must be stopped. Cold. Daily, we become more aware.  The issue is deeper however.  We cast young people into a web of social complexity and ignore what happens to them as they leave the innocent playfulness … Continue reading

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