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How Harvey Milk’s Death, and the World AIDS Losses Brought Us Marriage and Family Equality

Harvey Milk was shot and killed on November 27, 1978. Almost a decade later, on December 1, 1988 the first World AIDS Day was enacted. The first was a dramatic local tragedy around several local politicians and the second was … Continue reading

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“Marriage Isn’t for You” Goes Viral for Straight People but Creates Pain for LGBTs

The English language can be a funny thing.  The same words can be used in different contexts and have very different impact.  I remember receiving a letter from a videocassette manufacturer from England when I was a young professional working … Continue reading

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Are You Feeling Some Homophobia-inspired PTSD After the Supreme Court Ruling?

Unless you have been under a very heavy rock and buried deep in an undisclosed location, you know that the LGBT community scored significant legal wins at the Supreme Court last month. The Court decisions were not perfect mandates on … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to All My Friends Who Did Not Live to See This Day

This is an open letter that will never see the inside of a mailbox. It is a letter from my heart, being sent to hearts that no longer beat. They are now in the space of the spirit, but I … Continue reading

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When the Same Sex Couple in the Family Are the Kids, Not the Parents

To hear the anti-gay crowd describe it, the concept of “family” is a narrow one. While claiming it to be “traditional,” their idea of family seems to be Adam and Eve stepping out of the Garden of Eden and right … Continue reading

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The LGBT Declaration of Independence

It was “Dad’s night out” as I watched the end of a huge Hollywood blockbuster.  In the movie, a fictional USA was in tatters having just overcome a violent and destructive enemy.  Many iconic landmarks had been ruined and lay … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad, Republican Fathers and 4 Big Questions for Rob Portman

I relate to the Portman family on many levels.   Like Will Portman, I am also the son of a staunch Republican dad to whom I came out.  My dad is older than Rob Portman.  He adheres very much to the … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad’s Bittersweet Belated Valentine to Meg Whitman

Last week was extraordinary.  The issue of same sex marriage was discussed more intelligently than ever before. In depth thought and information, including an outstanding synopsis by the American Sociological Association , appeared as amici briefs filed with the US … Continue reading

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In Our Gay Family, Two Little Best Friends Became Brothers

Some of those fighting marriage equality these days, want you to believe that there is only a single possible right way to create a “real” family.  The  way they suggest is by means of unprotected, unplanned, procreative sex.  Or, as … Continue reading

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I Saw So Much Love

Good Signs Sunday All Good Signs Sunday graphics are free to pass around, or post on your web site or blog. Image by Ono Kono

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