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How to Start an LGBT Family and Help the World

“Necessity is the mother of invention” goes the old saying. When there is a problem or an issue in play, a creative solution is often about to be realized. This point is nowhere more valid than in the area of … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off About Fundamentalists Who Target My Kids

As a parent, my job one is the protection and care of my children. It is my job to be vigilant over their self-worth, to keep them physically safe, to show them how to be moral and productive citizens, and … Continue reading

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In Our Gay Family, Two Little Best Friends Became Brothers

Some of those fighting marriage equality these days, want you to believe that there is only a single possible right way to create a “real” family.  The  way they suggest is by means of unprotected, unplanned, procreative sex.  Or, as … Continue reading

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