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NOM Invades California with a Petition Drive Attacking Transgender Teens

Please share this with your California acquaintances.  The National Organization for Marriage is attempting another Prop 8 style attack on California.  Their paid petition gathers are on the streets of California now telling falsehoods to get citizens to sign their … Continue reading

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Defriended Part 2-My Letter to the Pastor

The response to my piece about my brother’s wedding and the subsequent defriending I experienced has been overwhelming. Profoundly touching has been the number of LGBTQ folks who have said things like, “I wish I had a brother like you,” … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Thanks Universal Studio’s CEO for Ending Bill & Ted’s Homophobic Adventure

Universal Studios Hollywood has pulled the plug on the Bill & Ted 2013 Halloween hijinks. Those shenanigans centered around a cliché-ridden, scantily clad “gay” Superman in numerous homophobia-inspiring situations. The show portrayed gay men as sexual predators and vapid hedonists … Continue reading

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A Belated Invitation to Chris Christie to Dan and Mike’s Fabulous Wedding

The Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage a few months ago were heartwarming and affirming of marriage evolution, but they did not provide true equality and fairness. In some places for same-sex couples, there are weddings, in others there is … Continue reading

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For my sisters and brothers in the LGBTQ Community on National Coming Out Day

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A Gay Dad Mourns the Loss of Joe Bell, Killed in the Line of Duty of Being a Dad

“Making headway, one step at a time”.   This was the last communication from Joe Bell on his epic quest to walk across the United States and do everything within his power to end bullying, intolerance and suicide.  His journey was … Continue reading

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The Nine Worst Things to Do When Coming Out of the Closet

National Coming Out Day is this week.  This is an important day not only for those who make the move and come out, but also for everyone else to be aware of the process.  It is the process where an … Continue reading

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