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A Gay Dad Letter to Matthew Shepard

  Today Matthew Shepard, had he lived, would have been 39 years old. Instead, he forever will be remembered as a gentle looking young 21-year old who left for dead on a cold Wyoming plain, crucified for being gay. I … Continue reading

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When a Homophobic Cousin Attacked a Woman’s Marriage, He Helped Her Understand What True “Family” Means

Once upon a time there were two cousins, Jessica and Robby. They grew up together in the warm and wet Mississippi back lands. They swam, they fished and Jessica loved and respected her cousin. He gave her the sense of … Continue reading

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Anonymous Writes a Secret Blog About Her Lesbian Friend

The following is a blog written by someone dear to me, and she asked that the authorship of this stay anonymous.  There was this friend I once knew…. I used to know this woman, we were close for years. I … Continue reading

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“Love the Sinner”…um….Yeah, Don’t Give Me That Crap

Special Guest Blog by Ken Jansen “I love the color red..but I kinda hate the reddish tint.” Sounds stupid, doesn’t it? Not a lot of sense in that phrase. Same goes for another one, that we hear a lot. “Love … Continue reading

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A Belated Invitation to Chris Christie to Dan and Mike’s Fabulous Wedding

The Supreme Court decisions on same-sex marriage a few months ago were heartwarming and affirming of marriage evolution, but they did not provide true equality and fairness. In some places for same-sex couples, there are weddings, in others there is … Continue reading

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A Straight Man’s Coming Out Story

This story isn’t about me. Except that it is, because it’s all about me. Maybe some of you can relate to that. I’m the black sheep of the family. The traditional path has always been tough for me to follow. … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Loses Sleep About His Nigerian LGBT Friend

I have a lovely friend.  She is a transgender woman who lives in Nigeria.  Her dream, at present denied her, is to be a professional dancer and actress.  In her heart and in her spirit, she is both.  As I … Continue reading

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