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A Recovering Evangelical

A few weeks ago, I was in a discussion, although I was mostly listening to a former Universalist turned Roman Catholic, and a gay Episocpalian. We were comparing religious notes and it was a wonderful conversation. I mentioned that I … Continue reading

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Thank You for Changing My Life

by Ono Kono Two decades ago, I was unaware of the struggle of LGBT people. Back then, I was a busy working Mom, juggling career and family. I cared about others, but I was asleep when it came to their … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to My Heterosexual Family and Friends on National Coming Out Day

Today is National Coming Out Day.  I know this does not mean a lot to most of you, nor should it. You have been able to take for granted that you could be who you are, and you have been … Continue reading

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There’s a New Bully in Town: Gagnon and the RHN, Driving Christ Out of Hearts Near You

Credit to Canyon Walker Connections for the heads up on this… Exodus International was just not hateful enough for them.  Once that organization gave hint to the fact that, no, it seems gay people do not change and they ARE actually “born … Continue reading

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The Secret Marriage

“The Secret Marriage” words and music by Sting, adapted from a melody by Hanns Eisler No earthly church has ever blessed our union No state has ever granted us permission No family bond has ever made us two No company … Continue reading

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A Letter to My Boys….

A Letter to My Boys....

Excerpt from “A Gay Dad’s Perspective…”

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A Gay Dad’s Perspective on the Hate Note Writing Father

Dads writing notes have hit the blogsphere lately.  Two of them, one horrific and one good, have gone viral.  I am not going to belabor their history, but assume that if you are reading this, you are already well aware. … Continue reading

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