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Everything You Need to Know About Celebrities Gay Sex Lives

by guest blogger Ken Jansen Reading an announcement about Jodie Foster’s recent marriage to Alexandra Hedison, I was appalled by some of the comments after the article. “I guess she’s ashamed of who she is. That’s the impression you get … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off About the Iowa Moms and an Unthinkable Tragedy

As a gay dad, I have heard the words a thousand times.  “A child is better off with both a mother and a father”.  The statement always baffles me. Certainly, no two sets of parents of any make up are … Continue reading

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A Straight Ally Tells Her LGBT Friends, “What I am Asking is Hard, but We Need for You to Remove the Mask.”

This is a guest blog by Joni Bosch, religious education teacher, and longtime LGBT ally. I took a human sexuality class in college. The last day of class, the professor gave us a scenario. The world was going to come … Continue reading

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A Gay Man Sounds Off on Nigerians Who Cry Out to “Jail the Devils”

This is a guest blog by our friend “JC” who lives in Nigeria.  He is gay, but hidden.  He stays to create change within his country.  Here is part one of two.  This is his message to the people of … Continue reading

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A Religion Education Teacher Sounds Off : Stop Using the Book of Romans in the Bible to Gay Bash!

  This is a guest blog by Joni Bosch, religious education teacher, and longtime LGBT ally.   I first “met” Rob Watson on Beliefnet.  We are the same age and, at that time, both married.  We were at very different … Continue reading

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How a Teen, Thrown From His Home for Being Gay, was Arrested and Tortured

A few weeks ago, I told the story of a teen named Corey who was driven from his birth home when his parents found out he was gay, and into the arms of a loving home that rescued him.  His … Continue reading

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Anonymous Writes a Secret Blog About Her Lesbian Friend

The following is a blog written by someone dear to me, and she asked that the authorship of this stay anonymous.  There was this friend I once knew…. I used to know this woman, we were close for years. I … Continue reading

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