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This is a Stick Up… Gimme Your Bigotry, or Your Smartphone….

Unfortunately… that is now the choice for the rabidly anti-gay among us.  This week, the American Family Association (a joke of a name if there ever was one…) declared that they were going to boycott Google.  Now, they had the … Continue reading

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I Don’t Necessarily Agree

That phrase…” I don’t necessarily agree with the gay “lifestyle” but I don’t condemn it either. I love all of my gay friends just like I love my straight friends.” Something about this bothers me…. as a mom, as a … Continue reading

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Search for Truth in a Conservative Blog

  I admit it.   I am a blog sponge.  I am not quite a junkie, but I like to dig in and explore and read the mind of some stranger and try his or her views on for size. … Continue reading

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In The Time It Takes

In the time it takes….. To tell a lie In the time it takes….. One heart will break In the time it takes….. To cause an unbearable ache In the time it takes…… A thousand melted snowflakes In the time … Continue reading

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The Brother of a Gay Man Says, “It’s Important”

“I don’t care if you’re gay.” I’ve made that statement (or some variant of it) many times. It is meant to convey that I’m a safe person, that I’m above labels, that I’m open minded. Here’s the thing: It’s not … Continue reading

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Brave New World? Not Yet.

I have to admit …. it was a sell.   Normally, I do not have to push hard to get my two nine year old sons to agree to a movie.  But when the protagonist of the movie is a … Continue reading

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brave and cindi

brave and cindi

Does Brave Take Aim at the Cinderella Role Modeling for Girls?

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