This is a Stick Up… Gimme Your Bigotry, or Your Smartphone….

Unfortunately… that is now the choice for the rabidly anti-gay among us.  This week, the American Family Association (a joke of a name if there ever was one…) declared that they were going to boycott Google.  Now, they had the insight to realize this was a big calling…since Google also holds the patent for the Android… a significant player in the smartphone market.  (Among other vital things in the virtual world).

But… it gets worse.  Apple…the other, and more significant player in the smartphone world, has been pro-gay for YEARS.  The self righteous fundementalists would no sooner take a bite from Steve Job’s (may he rest in peace) Apple than they would from Eve’s.

So… what is a good homo-hating, Bible thumping, clobber-verse touting anti-Gay supposed to do now?   That’s right…. turn in that cell phone, Baby.

The smartphone is now the world of the damned.  The saved will have to try to text using those antiquated little flip things, but the days of hail marying to you tube seem to be a thing of the past.

Here is the deal though.  Here is the story that you can tell yourself, that will get you through the latest tweetfest that you will have to miss…unscathed.   Smartphones are the new mark of the beast.

That’s right… come Rapture time…guess who will NOT be getting the call?   Smartphone users.   They will be standing there, doing a GPS thing and checking into Foursquare.  What they won’t be doing is checking into Heaven.

But you will be.

So, the end days are upon us.  Smart phones and Armageddon.  Let’s just hope that you don’t need an App to download the big Quiz at Judgement Day..

About robw77

A single gay dad who cares. His story can be read here: and here:
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3 Responses to This is a Stick Up… Gimme Your Bigotry, or Your Smartphone….

  1. apeene says:

    Rob, you always make me smile with your wit. You have an awesome way with words!

  2. blazingbeau says:

    They don’t like things that are “unnatural”, so they shouldn’t be using things like cell phones, computers, cars, air-conditioning, or anything electric anyway.

  3. kzottarelli says:

    If they are boycotting google does that mean we will have less nasty comments and posts on the blogs? This might be a good thing!

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