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Why this question, MoveOn?

Today was the first time I’ve been asked by for my thoughts on whether they should send this petition to its members. I thought it was a strange one to ask and with no explanation about why, it made … Continue reading

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A Program on Ex-Gay Ministries

Tonight on OWN (Oprah Winfry Network) Lisa Ling is doing a followup on the Ex-Gay Ministries. Ex-Gay survivors confront the leader Alan Chambers about how his ministry is impacting Gays. Chambers himself has admitted that it hurts gays, and has … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on the Aspect of “Ex Gay Therapy” That No One is Talking About

One of the most disturbing aspects of so called “ex gay reparative therapy” is the one that no one is talking about directly.  Granted, every aspect stinks about “reparative therapy”.  None of it is based on science, nothing about it … Continue reading

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Cruel Does Not Equal Cool. (What those tempted to bully should know)

Cruel does not equal Cool.   (What those tempted to bully should know)

This is the mantra of the Rainbow Berets. To join the Rainbow Beret team, click the photo and like the Rainbow Beret Facebook page. Declare yourself to be an ally to the bullied, and an advocate against bullying. Talk to others in your community about doing the same. Full article is here:

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The Abuse Stops Here! The Ryan Kendall Story

Ryan Kendall tells about the suffering he endured after years of reparative therapy. “This psychological abuse nearly destroyed my life, and for me, it resulted in drug abuse, homelessness, and thoughts of suicide that lasted a decade.” Please take a … Continue reading

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