The Abuse Stops Here! The Ryan Kendall Story

Human Rights Campaign Ryan Kendall tells about the suffering he endured after years of reparative therapy. “This psychological abuse nearly destroyed my life, and for me, it resulted in drug abuse, homelessness, and thoughts of suicide that lasted a decade.

Please take a moment and sign the petition telling California Governor Brown to ban psychological abuse of LGBT youth.

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A single gay dad who cares. His story can be read here: and here:
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4 Responses to The Abuse Stops Here! The Ryan Kendall Story

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  2. kzottarelli says:

    As a parent, I don’t even know how you’d let ANYONE tell your child that they are “less than” EVER! Much less be the ones to put them into a place where they do that everyday. This is horrific and needs to be stopped! Isn’t there some kind of psychological review board that can look into this kind of so called “therapy” and be an end to it?

  3. Peter Clamp says:

    Reparative therapy on LGBT people is equivalent to attempted murder in my book.

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