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A Gay Dad Offers Governor Rick Perry a Twelve-Step Recovery Program for His Homosexuality Problem

If you are gay, and you are wishing upon a star, it is probably not a good idea for it to be the Lone Star of Texas.  This past week, that particular entity has been more than a little dim … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad’s Family Teaches the Ex-Gay Movement How to Throw a Real Party

This is a tale of two parties. Like the Dickens book, one personified the best of times, and one . . . well, one was a disaster without historic precedent. No, it was not the French Revolution, it was the … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on the Aspect of “Ex Gay Therapy” That No One is Talking About

One of the most disturbing aspects of so called “ex gay reparative therapy” is the one that no one is talking about directly.  Granted, every aspect stinks about “reparative therapy”.  None of it is based on science, nothing about it … Continue reading

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The Abuse Stops Here! The Ryan Kendall Story

Ryan Kendall tells about the suffering he endured after years of reparative therapy. “This psychological abuse nearly destroyed my life, and for me, it resulted in drug abuse, homelessness, and thoughts of suicide that lasted a decade.” Please take a … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad’s Thoughts on Being Restricted from Making My Kids “Ex-gay”

Updated: This now has been signed into law in California.  California has passed yet another bill in the effort to create a state where truly the society is affirming and equal for all.   This bill has the added objective of … Continue reading

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