I’m So Angry I Could Spit Nails!

imagesWhy am I so angry at a time when so many are mourning? Well, I too am broken; there is an ache on my heart from the unexplainable, unthinkable horror perpetrated upon Newtown, CT that has left a mark that will not fade away.

I am angry because I cannot believe that there are still so many people who can and are trying to justify their selfish wants with an excuse of rights. But today I am evoking my right of freedom of speech, fortunately this right will not leave death and destruction in its wake.

I don’t think I can stomach one more stupid comment about our 2nd Amendment rights, especially the one about how if everyone was armed this wouldn’t happen. Really? You think arming EVERYONE is a good idea? Did I miss something here? The people that do these kinds of things are disturbed, they aren’t going to stop and think, “well everyone is carrying so I better not do this”, if they were thinking rationally they wouldn’t be doing this AT ALL, whether or not everyone was carrying. They aren’t capable of rational thought at that point. And wouldn’t arming everyone just make it that much easier for the ones that are already on the brink of mental collapse…without the limited checks and balances we do have now? I’m angry because some people’s first thought is not to get rid of guns, instead lets get MORE guns and put them in everyone’s hands. Have we evolved so little that the first reaction is become the wild, wild west again? Well if this is the OK Corral–I, for one…AM NOT OK WITH IT!!

I’m angry because some of our religious leaders have chosen this tragic time to insinuate that God has let this happen because we have taken prayer out of the schools. This is some of the most hurtful, hateful, unChristlike behavior I have had the displeasure of seeing and hearing. If their God is the kind of God who lets children be sacrificed to make a point about prayer in schools they should be looking for a different God. But I know, that is NOT what God has done, and thankfully most people don’t fall for that perverted way of thinking about our Heavenly Father either. And I’m angry that some of these same religious leaders have tried to use marriage equality and gay rights as another tactic, twisting the loving of two people into something hateful. I truly question their mental stability when they can so easily turn love into something to be used in such disgusting ways. God lives in our hearts, and we take him with us where ever we go, he doesn’t live in a building somewhere waiting for us to enter…HE enters our very being. These are not my religious leaders, and how anyone still listens to them or gives them a platform to spread their form of hate is beyond me.

I know their are some who want guns for things like hunting, but really, we live in 2012, does anyone really need to hunt for food any more? And the argument that the cost of meat being so high doesn’t fly when the cost of guns, bullets, all the hunting gear, etc. dwarfs it. And if you tell me you want to hunt just because you like the feel of going out there and tracking something, getting it in your sights and than putting a bullet in a living breathing thing, well THAT really disturbs me. Call me crazy, and I have no doubt a lot of you will, (some I even call family and friends), but the need, want or desire, (whatever you want to call it) just to kill SOMETHING, really, really bothers me. If you feel the need to hunt something, trek on down to your local Walmart and stalk the meat counters, trust me, Walmart is an exercise in patience and leaves you with the feeling of man against beast.

When we talk about the 2nd Amendment, is there anyone who honestly believes that the Founding Fathers were referring to or thinking about assault rifles, either semi or fully automatic weapons when it was written? Is it a necessary thing anymore to think that the 2nd Amendment is needed for a militia? Isn’t that what it was originally intended for, so the people had the right to bear arms to form a militia? Yes, I know it was rewritten in 2009 to basically just say it is our right to have guns…just because (they more or less did away with the “to form a militia”). Because as far as I can tell, we don’t need to form a militia, (we have a huge military), we don’t need to hunt for food, we don’t need to protect ourselves from wild animals (and by the way, American Indians did fine with wild animals without guns), so really isn’t all some of us are saying is, WE WANT GUNS, just because we can? “We need to protect ourselves” you say. Well we haven’t outlawed guns and you see how well this is working. Crime rates, suicides, accidental shootings, gang related shootings, of each other and innocent bystanders,..how’s this protection working so far? And if our very own military and FBI could not determine that Nidal Malik Hasan, a U.S. Army Major serving as a psychiatrist at Fort Hood was a terrorist, ending up in a shooting rampage, killing 13 and wounding 29 others, what hope do we, the general public have in determining who is of sound mind? I saw something the other day that went something like this…” You actually think criminals are going to obey gun control laws? You’re a special kind of stupid aren’t you?” Um, no, you are a special kind of stupid to even suggest such a thing. That is like saying, “well we still have rapists, murderers, and thieves even though there are laws against those things so we should make those not crimes anymore because those criminals aren’t following those laws”. Is the 2nd amendment even realistic anymore? There may have been a time and place for the 2nd Amendment, the year 2012 isn’t it.

I don’t want to hear how the way to end these massacres is by arming everyone. How, if just one teacher had had a gun, well one teacher did have a gun…her son used it to kill her, 26 innocent people and than himself. The way to end all this violence is by putting MORE guns out there? What kind of crazy logic is that? If some say that “arming everyone” is a good theory well I say the flip side of that coin, “arming no one”, is an even better theory. I don’t want to hear that the reason for tragedies like this is because we have taken prayer out of the schools and I certainly don’t want to hear how this is because of how loving someone of the same sex and wanting to marry them is the cause. Have you people lost your minds? Stop blaming everything except what is the real reason…people’s selfish wants. What is really being said is..it is our right, OUR RIGHT, to carry something that can take the life, the breath, the very being of another human, for no other reason but, WE WANT!

I know there will be those that disagree with me, those that think I am a nut job, those that think I am a bleeding heart liberal…I DON’T CARE! If wanting guns out of the hands of the general public, if wanting a more peaceful society, if wanting these mass killings to stop makes me a bleeding heart, I’m fine with that! At least I’m not trying to justify some outdated amendment and calling it my right. I have a HUGE issue when some people believe their 2nd amendment rights are even a consideration at this point after all those children, teachers and their parents have lost their right to LIFE, LIBERTY, and their pursuit of Happiness has forever been eclipsed by this horror.

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24 Responses to I’m So Angry I Could Spit Nails!

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  3. Conscious, rational minds might have written the 2nd Amendment, but today fear drives the consciousness of too many Americans. There is nothing rational in more guns, of any sort. But out of fear people are buying more guns, espousing the 2nd Amendment; and others, out of fear of out-of-control gun ownership, are willing to give up more constitutional rights to prevent the proliferation of guns in America. But at least those of us who see gun ownership and the proliferation of more guns as a complete insanity, we must not react out of fear. We can consciously and rationally get them (both the gun sellers and gun owners) where it hurts. Boycott. Make sure your pension are not investing or invested in weapons manufacturers. Do not shop at any hardware, sporting goods or other store that sells assault weapons or weapons of any sort. For those who want the right to bear arms, pressure your legislators, state and federal, that not only must a background check need to be made, but a YEARLY mental health exam by a licensed psychologist must be taken, and, on the half year, a yearly weapons certification class must be passed; if there are any mental health issues with any family member who may have contact with a gun owner (someone who lives in the house or may frequent the house), then gun ownership is denied; all purchases of ammunition shall be made only to licensed gun owners, and that such purchase is monitored by a computer database; that law enforcement has the right to enter a house of a gun owner at any time to ensure that the weapons are securely locked in stongbox safes at all times; that anyone caught with a weapon without a license is fined $10,000 on first offense, $50,000 on second offense; and not least of all, a yearly gun ownership license fee must be paid for each weapon owned and matrixed as to the weapon….. Just like driving another death machine, the automobile, we must stay licensed and insured, pay yearly fees for the privilege, and be subject to the implied consent law. But in the end, we must all learn to live without fear; we must be able to reside in the center place of peace and love, and only then will we know when our neighbor or our children need help; we will be able to act as a community and with compassion. We need to work in both ways: on our inner consciousness and our outer controls.

  4. Ono Kono says:

    After listening to the CEO of the NRA, I almost threw up. I think the man is out of touch with what happened. His words were insults to the those who are grieving. The only good I can see come out of that speech, is that people will understand exactly what the NRA stands for and stop supporting it. One can only hope that the power that association wields in this country will be diminished and when that happens laws can be put in place to stop the mass murder of innocents. Thanks for spitting nails, we all need to get to that point.

    As far as those religious leaders that love to lay blame on others, are they truly Christ-Like? As unchrist-like as one can get, and I believe their crass words may just be revealing who they really follow. By their fruits you will know them.

    • kzottarelli says:

      You mean Not Reasonable Association? Yes one can only hope people will wake up to the true power, money, they wield. It’s like they are holding our government hostage.
      Thank you Ono, words of wisdom.

    • Pax says:

      I completely agree with Ono and would like to add that on analysis what the NRA said is further horrifying in as much as that was the very best they could come up with after days of effort. Their statement, obviously to support their hold on the killing fields, was the very best answer, that alone should show us how misguided they are and what casual disregard they have for the lives of the citizens of the US. People need to be protected from them as much as they do guns.

  5. kzottarelli says:

    Kenny Williams, Pax, Heidi,
    Thank you all very much. I was starting to feel like maybe I never should have written this, but hearing all those words of kindness and that there are others who feel this way has helped restore my faith. Again thank you, may we all find the love, peace and understanding we so desperately need.

  6. Wish I could express my thoughts into words like you do. Very well written..I agree 100%!

  7. Pax says:

    Outstanding post, I’ve not read anything better on this subject and hold out little hope of seeing anything to equal it.

  8. Heidi Ulrich says:

    Excellent and I couldn’t agree more! You expressed so eloquently what most of us are feeling….thank you! 🙂

  9. christine Busch says:

    Thank you for saying what I know is the truth….I’m that angry too…and it is pure selfishness…that is all I can say.
    Assault weapons are not necessary. Killing someone in a matter of seconds and shooting them 11 times is horrible. This is not about the second ammendment it is about how stupid and selfish we have become. And then to have the NRA say what they said…just is a slap in the face of all those families who are burying their children. We are a society of fools…

  10. Jen says:

    I love this and agree 100%. Just for kicks the other day I looked up the definition of the word arms. Arms are weapons, plain and simple. Not specifically FIREarms. Anything used to defend oneself is considered arms. I agree with you that the original intention of the 2nd Amendment was for us to be able to establish a militia/military. But even if someone wants to argue that point – they still don’t have a leg to stand on when our founding fathers did not specify firearms. They can carry a rock for protection. As so many of the gun nutjobs have pointed out they’re just as dangerous. *sarcasm*

    • kzottarelli says:

      much love and thanks

    • Mahmoud says:

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  11. Several Quotes-Of-The-Year in there. Most poignant: “If their God is the kind of God who lets children be sacrificed to make a point about prayer in schools they should be looking for a different God.” Amen. I also agree with you strongly about stalking God’s poor little innocent creatures through the woods. For subsistence it is one thing, but as a ghastly form of weekend entertainment it is just sad.

    • kzottarelli says:

      thank you very much. Kind of sick, what they have turned their God into isn’t it? Thankfully God doesn’t hold a grudge, and one day they too will know the truth.

  12. You are not a nut job, or a bleeding heart liberal. You are a common-sense human being who has said enough is enough. Hopefully we can find enough millions like you or we are in trouble. Assault weapons have no business in anyone’s hands except for police and military personnel. There are plenty of less lethal ways to defend one’s home against intruders. How about a stun gun that puts the intruder out of action long enough for the police to get there?

    The pro-gun lobby, as someone very astute pointed out, is about the gun manufacturers, not gun owners. Guns are a “durable good” that doesn’t get replaced; they last forever. Therefore the only way for gunmakers to grow their business is to sell more guns to gun owners and to recruit more of them! All of us need to wake up to this and to tell our legislators their future depends on how well they handle this.

    Good post!

    • kzottarelli says:

      Thank you, I agree, it is about the gun manufacturers, the NRA and the like. We do need change and now is the time!

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