Gay Son Change? You Change!

I will let this speak for itself.

The next time someone suggests a gay person must change and become heterosexual, here’s the proper response.

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Parent thinks gay son should change.

About Ono Kono

I am an outspoken straight ally and feminist Christian. I also speak out against the abuses of churches and religions.
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41 Responses to Gay Son Change? You Change!

  1. Roda'sAmazon says:

    I read your article and let me share that you are being misguided. Whatever is happened put it in the past. Read my MasterMind .. on that you do not have a choice for what is best for your life will open up to you as a personal expansion. We all make mistakes but I guess the one you made was an unforgiveable one for a mother. Nevertheless forgive yourself and through your mind be kind to your son. All the things you want in your life spell out in a book and read them back each day.

  2. robinobishop says:

    Look at the path of sexual equality over the past couple generations, the building resentments between ungrounded men and women. The dwindling of bonds in matrimony. The fracturing of families. Some of your kids and grandkids will be so discontented with gay and straight relationships, they TOO will do the unthinkable of today. finding a new level of Godless hopelessness, what do you think they will be up to in relationships? As parents, you set the tone. or don’t You shocked your parents; what do you think they will be up to?

    When I was an infant, divorce was unheard of….adolescent suicide was unheard of…..deviation from heterosexual practice was not admired and seldom occurred. Divorce did not happen in my experience. Both husbands and wives had responsibilities that did not need renegotiation every other week. Adultery was unthinkable. Children were treated tenderly and cared for. Children had mothers and fathers in a home safe for them and had nothing to worry about. I’d just like you to know, that’s the way things were once. In your tomorrows new deviance will be embraced to satisfy new cravings. You tell me what that will look like if I’m wrong.

    • dominickj says:

      HA you were either BLIND or DEAF or BOTH!!!! All of what you never heard of was happening. What you didn’t hear of was the abuse men did to their wives and the abuse that happened to the kids!!!! ALSO being a Homosexual is NOT a devience. You should be a shamed of your self for YOUR ignorance!!!!

      • robinobishop says:

        You have your own notions about the facts given your bias. I understand that. Here are the real facts.

        When half the US nation and the great majority of the rest of the world deem homosexuality to be morally wrong, it is far from being a cultural norm anywhere. What about the “Q” in your LGBT world, they pride themselves in deviant behavior. The Queer Nation admire themselves as being deviant. Aren’t they your people?

        My facts come from the Gallop Organization…not so bad for being blind and deaf. Hah?

  3. Was that a serious letter from a serious parent? It sounded so naive and simplistic! “Feeling Betrayed”… “He won’t listen to reason”… Really? There are all kinds of wrong in those 4 paragraphs.

  4. swo8 says:

    Will it ever change?

    • Ono Kono says:

      It is changing. Just that a note like this would be in a newspaper shows a lot of change. In the last ten years, I am happy to note that huge strides have been had for all our brothers and sisters who are LGBT.

      Having said that, there will always be people who will harbor hate against another. If its not an LGBT person, it’s another race, or gender. All we can do is keep striding for equality, protecting others from the hatred and teach our children that love makes us better, not hatred of another. Help those who would be emotionally damaged from those who harbor hatred and fear of another, so that they can stand up and know that the person with the hatred is the one with the problem, not they themselves.

  5. robinobishop says:

    I am 65, so this gay and lesbian equal rights song and dance has my head spinning. Sorry. Let me put you in my shoes of future shock for a moment. OK here goes. Depending upon your age you go to your son’s or grandson’s wedding. He is a shepherd by trade and has his own spread. You come to discover that his newlywed and he have a special arrangement because your son or grandson has come out to admit he is sexually attracted to female sheep…not male sheep. But he tells you and since its okay with his wife, by God, it should be just fine with you. How would you greet that?

    • Ono Kono says:

      Good grief Robin, now you are comparing beastiality with being gay. I think you are on the wrong blog for that remark.

      • robinobishop says:

        Tormented a little? Your talking about sodomy in a Christian world. No reason to feel alone. So, you think its beyond the pale that sexuality will not deconstruct in such a manner? Will homosexuality on an equal with heterosexuality, how can a young man break away from his parents godlessly in any other direction?

        • Ono Kono says:

          lol, I think the only one talking and thinking about sodomy here is you. If you are so uncomfortable with other people’s sex lives, you should stop thinking about what you think they do, or what you think they might do in the future. Peace…

      • robinobishop says:

        I made no such comparison.

        • dominickj says:

          In both your comments Robin it clearly shows you don’t know what you’re talking about. Heterosexuality and Homosexuality are BOTH the Norms along with Bisexuality!!!! Get some education and NOT from Christian (fundamental) or Muslim (fundamental) good books either!!!!…

          • robinobishop says:

            I repeat: You have your own notions about the facts given your bias. I understand that. Here are the real facts.

            When half the US nation and the great majority of the rest of the world deem homosexuality to be morally wrong,\

            My facts come from the Gallop Organization…not so bad for being blind and deaf. Hah?

    • robw77 says:

      Robin, that is not future shock… it is returning to the past. Texas passed a law legalizing beastiality the same year they made gay sex illegal. The latter was then overturned by the Supreme Court years later. So , are you trying to say that your grandson turned…Texan?
      Certainly you can understand the difference between legal adult people who can make legally consenting decisions for themselves and own property vs. a human and a fully dependent and non consenting animal– correct? IF you cannot tell the difference, I sincerely hope that you do not live near a zoo.
      OH, and the 65 years thing– that is not an excuse. You fall somewhere between me and Cher, and we both got the memo without our heads falling off. Get a grip.

  6. robinobishop says:

    Let me tell you about my sister, my only full-blooded sibling. Over the course of here 64 years of life she has been through 3 marriages and five children. She was a very opinionated born-again Christian. After she gained 150 pounds and became largely confined to a wheel-chair and long divorced, she did something different. She always liked to be an attention-getter and a professional victim. She decided she was lesbian when heterosexual prospects were zero anyway. She married a lawyer who had become a transexual. It gave her another angle to complain about a fiction where she was persecuted…poor Pam. The marriage lasted 6 months when her “husband” found her lying in bed 24 hours a day. (An aside: why would a man get a sex change operation only to play the part of a man sexually in his/her next relationship?)

    The Dear Abby letter is a convenience to take away any thought that people can choose sexuality. When things got awful, my sister did. The argument against choice used to be “Who would want to be gay?” Now, it’s so popular among celebrities it doesn’t surprise if any of them suddenly “come out”.It projects the myth they are open minded.

    • Ono Kono says:

      So your sister’s story means that this 17 year old gay boy must be choosing to be gay and the mother is right (who sounds like the winner of the loser-mother-of-the-year award)? Did I get the jist of your intention here?

      Do you believe that every gay teen who commits suicide because of how they are treated because they are an lgbt, could have chosen to be straight and are playing a professional victim to the extreme?

      Your sister sounds like she suffers from depression and in need of some help to heal the emotional wounds she carries. I hope you can find some grace in your heart for her. She is probably far more in need of your love, and not your criticism over her life mistakes. I hope she finds some healing. I am sure she did not set out in life to gain 150 pounds, become confined to a wheel chair, and have 3 divorces.

      But for grace, go I in this world.

      • robinobishop says:

        You are simply giving the gay stump speech. Did you seriously read me at all?

        • Ono Kono says:

          What is a gay stump speech?

          I do get it, you are very critical of your sister’s mistakes in her life. Probably helps you not to think about your own life mistakes. I hope your sister finds healing and compassion from others, because she probably needs a lot.

          • robinobishop says:

            Bad guess. No I am not. Not at all. I gave you the story to illustrate the fact that being gay is not only a sexual identity but a lifestyle within the LGBTQ community. For some like my sister and innumerable social butterflies being a member is a social choice first. I said for some. It is they who undermine your legitimate cause.

        • Ono Kono says:

          I hope your sister finds compassionate and loving people who can help her heal.

      • robinobishop says:

        The point that all of you have blinders to is that my sister Pam chose her sexual presence and the paths of her life. The notion that all all all all folks have a sexual preference anchored in stone is fiction. ……….

      • dominickj says:

        No Sense in keeping up a conversation with (r)Robin. You can’t fix s^&*() NOW that’s a life she chooses!!!

  7. Chloe Alexa says:

    Story may seem strange yet it is altogether too True. Have many friends that received same treatment from parents. It also Happens to Trans people also, again seen many times.

    • Ono Kono says:

      I hear you Chloe, we just have to keep our voices heard and speak out against the wrongs, no matter what.

    • robinobishop says:

      It could have been true or it could have been planted from the pen of one person. Of course it has been blown up to allow for the mischaracterize and slander an entire culture who grope to learn how to cope as parents, uncles, and aunts. These are people who have been traumatized as well.

      • Ono Kono says:

        Hmm that’s funny. When my daughter came out to me, I wasn’t traumatized. I was disappointed that she had a hard time telling me, but definitely was not traumatized. To be traumatized means someone is a victim.

        A child coming out does not victimize anyone but does run the risk of being thrown out by parents, ostracized at school, beat up, or even murdered. A parent has to deal with the shock, and some have to do some soul searching, but those that love come around. I don’t think anyone of them can claim victim hood. Oh wait, yes this woman in the letter tried to; however, the woman doesn’t seem to care what her son must be going through and is adding to his pain. The boy has done nothing but speak truth. In the long run, I hope he will be able to have a relationship with his parents. But the woman doesn’t sound like a loving sort, making the problem all about her.

        I love my daughter’s girlfriend as if she were my own. Both of them are beautiful, loving people. The two together are great and I am pleased and believe my daughter is lucky to have found the love of her life. I hope someday to go to their wedding where they can seal their commitment to one another.

        • I agree wholeheartedly with you. I imagine the type of parent who would be traumatized by this news would have already picked out his or her child’s husband or wife, wedding dress, and house as well.

      • I’m sorry. What was the trauma that the parents, uncles, and aunts suffered? Finding out that their relative is gay? Accepting that he or she might not fit in the sexual mold that they had constructed? This trauma has been born out of the non-acceptance of another person’s personal life.

  8. jerbearinsantafe says:

    Reblogged this on JerBear's Queer World News, Views & More From The City Different – Santa Fe, NM and commented:
    This has been making the rounds on Social Media but if you missed it, it is a must read…

  9. This has got to be one of the Dumbest Stories I have ever Seen, This woman isn’t worthy to have children if this is the way she think’s things work. ” He won’t listen to Reason and He will not stop being Gay ” You know Lady It’s a Damn shame that Your Son Who you are supposed To “Love” is now going to be an “Embarrassment” to You and People may make fun of you , How the Hell do you think he feel’s he 17 for Christ’s Sake . I agree with Amy Dickinson , you no longer deserve to have Your son living under your roof if that’s the Way you Really feel about Him being Gay , He should be living with someone that Will love him for Who he is , And Let You suffer not knowing Who of What your Son grew up to be .

  10. felinewyvern says:

    I forgot one of my four son’s birthday once and still feel guilty about it years later and it was an honest mistake too (I’d thought it was the next day, and had everything ready, because I got the dates wrong). How any true mother can ‘forget ‘ three years in a row and then say her son is being gay to ‘punish’ her is inconceivable to me.

  11. Chas says:

    This has to be a prank.

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