Reclaiming Wonder by Ken Jansen

Guest blog by Ken Jansen.

ImageThis has nothing to do with rights, nothing to do with Equality. I’m not going to rant about what’s happening in the world, or about violence, injustice, bigotry or hatred. This is not the kind of thing I usually even think a lot about. This is about us…Adults.

Tonight, a friend of mine took her two year old grandson to the drive-in to see the movie “Cars.” I guess the town she lives in was part of a Route 66 International Festival, and they showed the movie for free, along with a display of classic cars, bouncy castles, and a bunch of other stuff for kids.

Once she got home, she uploaded pictures of her grandson having a great time. What I saw was a beautiful little boy, and in every picture his eyes were like saucers, his smile was huge, and his face just glowed. This, to him, was the most amazing adventure he’d had in his (to us) short life. I couldn’t help but smile at the look of wonder on that little face.

Then it hit me. Where is that sense of wonder for us? Why do we no longer see joy in simple things like going to see a movie? When did we, as adults, lose the ability to find that kind of pleasure? I remember a walk around the block with my son used to take three to four times as long as it did alone, because he’d stop and look at everything! Every sparkly rock was picked up (and more often than not, brought home.) Every bird, and animal had to be checked out, usually with a hundred questions about what type of bird or animal it was, where it lived, etc. Everything was new to him. Now…not so much.

It kind of saddens me that this sense of wonder, of adventure is lost to us. But is it really lost? Or do we just suppress it, in the rush that is our lives? Do we let what’s “important” take over? What would happen if, just for a few minutes, we looked at things like we did when we were little? How would we see the most “ordinary” items?

This is something that I think would be a definite improvement in our lives. We need to do this. We need to bring back the joy of looking at things, and truly seeing them for the first time in years. We have to find the pleasure in doing things we normally find boring and repetitive, in order to take the boring out of our lives. I’d love nothing more than to see pictures of adults with the same wide eyed, joy filled face as I saw in my friend’s grandson tonight.

We need to stop…bend over…and pick up sparkly rocks.



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4 Responses to Reclaiming Wonder by Ken Jansen

  1. Thanks for the reminder to “stop and smell the roses”!

  2. Thanks for the reminder. Well said.

  3. Fantastic blog! Keep the good work for readers like me interested in your topics. Great job!
    This is my website I will pass your blog to other readers.

  4. Being childlike is a great eye opener ….gaze at a flower, see what is around you, there is so much and it is so easy to miss. Sometimes I have to just step back and slow down….

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