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Homophobia’s Cruel Mother’s Day

It was the Friday before Mother’s Day. I had published a blog piece on the nature of Mother’s Day and the celebration of all who feel mother love running through their souls. I was finishing up a high-tech piece at … Continue reading

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The Lynching of a Butterfly and the Modern Mob

As a Dad, I cannot fathom the horrific pain that Jadin Bell’s parents must be experiencing.  I ache for them. The officials are calling the possible impending death of young Jadin an attempted “suicide”.  It was not a suicide; it … Continue reading

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The Bully Pulpit by Guest Blogger, Jeffrey C. Sherman

Jeffrey C. Sherman is a writer, producer, director and composer for film and television.  From Wikipedia: “An older term within the U.S. Government, a bully pulpit is a public office or other position of authority of sufficiently high rank that … Continue reading

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