Romney’s Lost Moment

Christie Whitman, Republican and former governor, points out a pivotal moment that could have been a game changer for Mitt Romney. It was the moment when Steve Snyder-Hill, a gay soldier, asked the dais of Republican candidates about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And the audience booed him. Steve became a symbol for something beyond the question he was asking. He became a soldier under attack from an audience that should have respected him.

According to Whitman… this was the moment that Romney could have stepped up and showed the country that he was the man for all the people of this country who love this country. That he recognized that to serve was to do something beyond political opinions.

Unfortunately, Romney is not such a man, and he has no such vision. He has four deferments and an instinct to duck.

That was the wrong time to duck.

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A single gay dad who cares. His story can be read here: and here:
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4 Responses to Romney’s Lost Moment

  1. apeene says:

    Another great post by Rob! I sincerely and with all of my heart, hope and pray that Romney does NOT get elected President. That would just be awful!

  2. thomsense says:

    There is every indication that on Election Day, this popular statistical squeaker for the Presidency will be an Electoral College landslide. HuffPo’s updated map shows Obama’s got the needed 270 votes now even if he misses one of his smaller “light-blue” states and doesn’t win a SINGLE toss-up state. Perhaps we won’t have Romney to kick around much longer.

  3. kzottarelli says:

    My opinion of Mitt Romney is he is a self serving coward who has no caring, respect or compassion for anyone or anything except himself. And if he were to start showing support now for true equality and gay rights it would just be one more thing he has flipped flopped on and I wouldn’t believe there was ANY kind of true, right intent. He lies, steals, is underhanded, evasive, puts dogs in crates for 12 hours strapped to the top of his car, and then smiles and laughs through it all, as he continues the lies and deceit.

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