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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on the Day Donald Trump Ruined America

On Wednesday, Donald Trump, the master manipulator and “line crossing” provocateur went too far. Has he literally ruined America? Maybe not yet, but what he did today starts that process. He took a major step over the line of decency … Continue reading

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Romney’s Lost Moment


Christie Whitman, Republican and former governor, points out a pivotal moment that could have been a game changer for Mitt Romney. It was the moment when Steve Snyder-Hill, a gay soldier, asked the dais of Republican candidates about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And the audience booed him. Steve became a symbol for something beyond the question he was asking. He became a soldier under attack from an audience that should have respected him.
According to Whitman… this was the moment that Romney could have stepped up and showed the country that he was the man for all the people of this country who love this country. That he recognized that to serve was to do something beyond political opinions.
Unfortunately, Romney is not such a man, and he has no such vision. He has four deferments and an instinct to duck.
That was the wrong time to duck.

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It IS the Small Stuff

Richard Carlson wrote a book called “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…and it’s All Small Stuff”.  Those can be cute words to live by for humans trying to get by in this thing called life with an iota of sanity at … Continue reading

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