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A Gay Dad’s Thoughts on Why Ian Thorpe’s Coming Out Was So Important

Last weekend, Ian Thorpe, who Australian politician Penny Wong called her country’s “greatest Olympian ”, came out as a gay man.  In doing so, he follows in the footsteps of a number of brave public celebrities and a number of … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad’s Lesson from His Son Regarding the Hobby Lobby Decision: “Scream Like a Girl”

“Dad, you are going to need to scream like a little girl!” My head whirled in Jesse’s direction and my mouth dropped.  Did that condescendingly sexist remark really come out of the mouth of my beloved son? It was all … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Tribute to a Mom Mourning the Loss of Her Daughter, as Her Transgender Son Emerges

I met Lex in March of this year.   My co-host of the radio show Out in Santa Cruz let me know we would be interviewing a transgender man who was going to read his poetry on the air.   Even … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Offers Governor Rick Perry a Twelve-Step Recovery Program for His Homosexuality Problem

If you are gay, and you are wishing upon a star, it is probably not a good idea for it to be the Lone Star of Texas.  This past week, that particular entity has been more than a little dim … Continue reading

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Saying Good-bye to My Dad and Fathers Day as I Have Known It

  Eleven years ago, I joined the ranks of honorees for Father’s Day.   The previous July, my son Jason was born and put into my arms.  The first Father’s Day for me was quiet with plenty of attention from friends … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on Nancy Grace Over Her Anita Bryant Fiction

A few months ago, I appreciated Nancy Grace’s perspective.  News media were reporting that a woman named Jessica Dutro had killed her little boy because she thought he might be gay.  As a gay dad, I hurt for the little … Continue reading

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Gay Dad Sound Off in an Open Letter to Dr. Robi Ludwig: Why the Words You Spoke are Dangerous, and the One Word You Forgot to Say

As a dad, when I see news stories of young people and children being killed, my heart breaks wide open.  If such an event were to happen to either of my sons, I in all honesty, do not think I … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad Sounds Off on the Anti-Gay Official’s Fear: Standardized Tests Will Make Kids “as Homosexual as They Possibly Can”

I believe in the coming years scientists will find that homophobia, when it hits the brain, becomes a degenerative disorder that destroys all logic centers and renders its victim common-senseless. The most recent recipient of my theoretical malady, is representative … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad’s Letter to the Anti-Gay, Mother’s Day Slushie Victim

Thanks to the television show Glee, the slushie has been elevated from an overly sugary refreshment to an act of public humiliation.  Not since a cream pie hit the face of Anita Bryant, has a caloric treat wielded such stature. … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad’s Open Letter to the “Christian” Man Who Would be America’s First Presidential Monarch

Darrell Trigg, author of Developing a More Effective Prayer Life:A Practical Approach, has declared his intentions to run for President of the United States of America.  He will run as an independent, but in the future will create the Christian … Continue reading

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