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Christian Bigotry Kills

by Ono Kono Did the title make you wince? I know they are loaded words; however, truth can shine a spotlight on ugliness. Although I don’t believe all Christians are bigots, the words and deeds of many of us are … Continue reading

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The Homosexuality Question, Part II: Jesus DID Say Something

“This is pretty much everything the bible has to say about gay stuff…” is how I started the last paragraph of part I, but that’s a little bit disingenuous. There are other passages within the bible that are of interest … Continue reading

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A Gay Dad’s Perspective on the Hate Note Writing Father

Dads writing notes have hit the blogsphere lately.  Two of them, one horrific and one good, have gone viral.  I am not going to belabor their history, but assume that if you are reading this, you are already well aware. … Continue reading

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Justice in the News

Cruel and Unusual Punishment Huntsville, Texas – Yesterday at 6:27 p.m. Marvin Wilson age 54 was pronounced dead and marked the seventh execution this year with nine more lined up to be killed in the next few months in the … Continue reading

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Romney’s Lost Moment

Christie Whitman, Republican and former governor, points out a pivotal moment that could have been a game changer for Mitt Romney. It was the moment when Steve Snyder-Hill, a gay soldier, asked the dais of Republican candidates about Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And the audience booed him. Steve became a symbol for something beyond the question he was asking. He became a soldier under attack from an audience that should have respected him.
According to Whitman… this was the moment that Romney could have stepped up and showed the country that he was the man for all the people of this country who love this country. That he recognized that to serve was to do something beyond political opinions.
Unfortunately, Romney is not such a man, and he has no such vision. He has four deferments and an instinct to duck.
That was the wrong time to duck.

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The Ultimate Judgment Call?

Not long ago I was watching the movie “The Help” about a white woman in the 1960s, who took it upon herself to write a book full of horrendous stories told to her by black women. I am old enough … Continue reading

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The Thin Line

In 1971, the musical group The Pretenders informed us that there was a “thin line between love and hate”.  This in fact, has been also confirmed by scientists.  After an interesting experience in the blogsphere the other day, I am … Continue reading

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The Homosexuality Question, Answered: Not A Sin

“God DOES state that homosexuality is DETESTABLE” I read those words today on my computer screen within a comment that mostly centered on talking up how loving the commenter actually was. “It’s not ME who hates fags, it’s GOD!” so, … Continue reading

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